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We Lost a Bunch of Parts...
With the development of the Third Lung's Direct Drive Hooka systems, we've eliminated belts, straps and pulleys from our power supplies. That means there's less to go wrong or require service. A revolution in surface supplied air, our new Direct Drive Compressor Systems also provide more air flow than was possible with conventional belt and pulley systems. Direct Drive allows divers to exert harder at depth than was feasible with older systems, and to reach depths that were previously beyond the range of older designs. All Third Lung's Hooka systems, with the exception of the C300 Commercial, are now Direct Drive.

Third Lung makes floating Hooka units for every budget and application. The industry leading Pioneer line is designed for two divers. It will support two people at 30 to 75 feet, depending on how heavily they breathe and work at depth. No matter how you look at it, the Pioneer 275 provides more features and a better value than any other surface supplied air system available-- at a lower price.

Pressurized SnorkelNew for 2001, Third Lung introduces the Pressurized Snorkel. Specifically designed for extremely shallow water, single-person diving, the Pressurized Snorkel™ draws a maximum of 8 amps with a limited 12-volt battery power consumption while providing sufficient air supply down to 6-10 feet, diver dependant. The expandable hose and proprietary tilt-valve “on-demand” regulator orifice design provide phenomenal efficiency.

The Explorer 325 and Explorer 460 systems take Hooka diving to the next level. The Explorer 325 supports three divers at depths between 20 and 30 feet ( or 2 divers up to 75 feet deep) . The 460 supports 4 divers at depths between 40 and 70 feet, depending on air consumption. When used by 2 divers, the 460 can be used to approach the depth limits for recreational scuba diving, but we are most proud of its ability to support 4 divers over miles and miles of tropical reefs. Only Third Lung allows you to select the combination of features and benefits to fit your needs: each of these units are available as a frugal system, a base system, a Deluxe system, or as a Deluxe XE package.

The Third Lung commercial systems provide dependable performance for medium flow Hooka applications. Unlike the recreational series, our commercial systems are deck mounted in aluminum frames. Third Lung commercial systems are configurable with optional surface air accumulators to provide short bursts of relief pressure when the system is taxed by a heavy breathing rate. The workhorse C300 system is available in both diesel and gas configurations, and can be outfitted to provide up to fifteen hours of continuous use. Our Direct Drive C-270 and C-390 systems are the reference standard for performance in the Bahamas and Caribbean for harvesting lobster and conch under the most demanding and harsh conditions. The 100 volt AC and 24 volt DC electric systems are the yacht owner's tool of choice for boat and pool maintenance or for diving from a personal watercraft.

110V Electric Explorer 325 Pioneer 275 Explorer 460 C-300 Series C-390 Series C-270 Series


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